You guys all have phones right?


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I just…wow. I’m really glad that while I like Diablo I am not a hardcore fan or else I’d be pretty upset. It’s kind of impressive they got boo’d at Blizzcon though.

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  1. If ever one needed proof they just don't care about PC gamers…

    I get they're going where the money is, but why alienate the only people loyal to the brand? Mobile gamers could care less about the Diablo IP, the name means nothing to casuals.

  2. We at Blizzard believe in mobile technology because mobile technology brings the player closer to their wallets for the optimal experience.

  3. As I write this, Path of Exile (or as I like to call it the REAL Diablo 2) is 9th on Twitch while Diablo 3 is 144th behind Farming Simulator 19 and Chess.

  4. Can't expect all "techy types" to know proper public speaking do's and dont's. Blizzard is notorious for bad speakers… (you think you do….) Creating one game for a specific media for a series that has spanned decades isn't that big of deal.

  5. I have a phone. It struggles to play Asphalt: Extreme, a purpose-built mobile game. I primarily play on PC and consoles. And I'm not a Diablo fan.

    Not everyone with a phone can or want to play Diablo: Immortal.

  6. It's sad when a corp is gonna defend their own shady practices than their own customers. They practically threw their own employees to the lions. They should've known this was going to happen.

  7. Why yes, I do have a phone! And if the game is fun and runs fine on said phone, then I shall enjoy playing it!
    The booing folks, I suppose, will either play it as well or just wait for the inevitable PC/Console release ah-la Fallout Shelter.
    No “current” plans means plans can be made in the future.

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