Yogscast – Diablo 3 Launch Event!


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We traveled to London to celebrate the release of Diablo 3 in style!

If you see us and took any images, please email them in to yogscast@gmail.com!

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  1. I re-watched this just now and I remember back then I had no idea who everyone was besides Simon/Lewis. I remember I really liked how funny and witty Decard Cain was. Now it seems only logical seeing how Cain was no other than Turps.

  2. Hahaha love it how they're just walking through London at night shouting random stuff wearing those costumes. All of the people must have been thinking, what a bunch of of weirdo's

  3. i never said i was better than anyone, i know much has changed and i have it much easyer than others. like mp10 giving triple xp and all the decent gear being cheap as fuck by now becouse there is so much of it in the game now. Don't be so fucking Naïv yourself by jumping to conclusions…

  4. dude, you must be completely oblivious and naive….
    When the game came out, OVER a year ago, it was much much harder than it is now! but yeah, you go and keep believing you are better than everyone that played it when it just came out 😉

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