Yes or No – 870P Magnum Shotgun Weapon Review – Battlefield Hardline (BFH)


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This is Yes or No, a weapon review series where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using. By request, today I’m looking at the 870P Magnum Shotgun for the Enforce Class from Battlefield: Hardline. It’s a close quarters weapon for the enforcer class with some interesting interchangeability that I’ll get into. I’ll go over all the best practices, tactics, strategies, and attachments that I find useful when using this gun.

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  1. Darth, I love you but I had to thumbs down this because Hardline is more of an insult to the fans than the abortion that was the BF4 launch/first 6 months.

    Plz stahp posting BFH. Just a humble request from a loving fan. thank you for all your content!

  2. It is so funny you did this vid.  Last night I wanted to run with this because I saw so many vids with this gun destroying.  But man, I was would run around and the misses were crushing me.  I found I had much more success trying to sneak up and then getting in close.  I wanted to, and did, use it for the points you raised (in close quarter areas).  If folks got anywhere outside of range, I felt like I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.  But when you get on a roll, this gun is cool and sounds awesome.  In regards to sound, I think Viceral/DICE really stepped it up in this game even above BF4 (say it ain't so…lol).  Great vid and still enjoying the game.  It's a nice fast paced change to BF4…but I like going back to BF4.  Can't wait for the coming patches for both.

  3. I avoid pump-action shotguns like the Plague and haven't used any shotguns hardly at all since the Saiga 12k in BF3.  I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on one of the Battle Rifles.  Preferably the HCAR with its super slow RPM.  I often put it in semi-auto fire mode and use it like a high rpm DMR when I want to feel beastly.  But any Battle Rifle would be nice since there really aren't any guns quite like them in BF3/BF4.

  4. in the same class, spas-12 fire rate is way much better, and the H-CAR for the police side, even with the terrible recoil, is more lethal than the 870P. They need to balance weapons more, every class has pointless gun.

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