Wizards Meteor Build | Speed Bounties/Rifts | Diablo 3 | Season 14 | Xbox/PS4/Switch


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Back with another wizard build for season 14!
This one has been fully fleshed out to run bounties, nephalem rifts and greater rifts as fast as possible!
I’ll be going over the gear, skills, runes, gems and more in this video.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or anything else you’d like to see, I’ll be doing my best to bring you all the information I can on Diablo 3.

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  1. Just got this on the console. I have it on the PC also. How long does it take from lvl1-70 in general on console? and how long does it take to get good gear on console? It's super slow for me right now and I find myself wanting to go back to PC a lot.

  2. How do you have all those meteors falling down with each attack? Lol All I'm missing is the Bracers but only one meteor falls with each attack. I must've missed something.

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