Why PlayerUnknown Is Leaving PUBG Behind


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In this Game Informer interview with Ben Hanson, the man who popularized the battle royale genre Brendan Greene explains why he’s personally leaving development of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds behind and creating a new development team in Amsterdam to create new games for PUBG Corp.


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  1. Asians (japanese excluded) are notorious for making sub quality things, taking the profits and letting their goods they made deteriorate ,without improving.
    Blueballs entaintment.

  2. LOL this guy is such a scammer. he stole the idea for BR and the genre BR from the cult classic movie entitled… wait for it…. BATTLE ROYALE. he’s no genius, he’s a thief that takes credit for others ideas

  3. He's still working at PUBG corp. He's taking over a different role. The move was made a year ago as well. Special projects was announced and I believe there's a PUBG successor in the works. 1 year in so far and I hope the put out a little preview for us at E3!

  4. I always wanted a virtual world war game. It's a first player shooter but the war goes on .
    Players choose a side . There should be 5 sides.
    The goal is to take over the whole virtual world.
    U get to control and take over land
    Meanwhile players is a person. U die u die and have to start all over. One life one game.
    Have to level up to go to battle.
    If u are war vertan u get the power and control.

    Moral of the story it's a real life like world war in virtual land.
    In other word u treat the character like a real life. N when u off line the war is still going on.

    Maybe… Don't have to be a 5 side thing but can do as br. An individual is born more he survived the more level but if u die u have to be born again. And it takes time to age to age 16 to go to combat.

  5. 1. Free to play
    2. A full game 15 – 18 mins is sweet spot. Pubg 30 mins for a full game is too long.
    3. Money from skins
    4. Doesn't have to be high graphics. No lag is better.

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