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  1. For everyone who’s saying it’s a money grab, please listen.

    Yes it’s got money involved. They need to make money though. But look at what they’ve done! There are 3 good/great players in objectives for people who have little coins, cheaper sbc players for casuals, mid tier carnival players and flashbacks for players with a mid budget and then icon sbcs for players with a high budget. If you want to spend money, there are 14 players to pack with regular lightning rounds. Yes the gameplay is poor but the new players that are out feel absolutely incredible.

  2. The games a joke. Why are they constantly upgrading the same fucking players, So there’s a Fut swap hulk available and now there is a carniball one… so the fut swap ones pointless.

  3. As a very casual player I'm practically forced to stop playing. Both champs and rivals are extremely sweaty and I'm in division 5 with a skill rating of 1300 playing against icon teams and van dijk every game. Doesn't help when I have a 176 Serie a team. I also don't have the players to do the SBC's so I play a game or two then stop playing. Oh yeah gameplays shit as well.

  4. i do think that the weekly objective players are very good, espicially the fact that you have to play with a silver team that u usually wouldnt use so i got to give props

  5. Sorry but Every promo in FIFA 19 is like putting pie in top of the biggest shit in the world, first bite is good but with every next bite you are starting understand what is going on…

  6. I just think it's a bit late in the game to be giving us good content, and let's be honest the main thing is to sell packs at the end of the day, and pack weight always is lowered at promos , every content creator is starting to see through this aswell, the fact you can spend 5 times the amount of money that you pay for the original game is just absurd, and you are never guaranteed to pack anything.this company is a disgrace and a pure rip off, and take advantage of our love of the beautiful game….too little too late IMO….

  7. These objective ideas would be sick to happen every week but it would have to happen in fifa 20 because there would have to be a new card type called objective players were there would be one challenge every week (e.g. for a Christian Eriksen there would be score 10 goals with danish players in online single matches) btw Liam love your bald head pls keep it, RIP my hands after typing this comment so 1 like = 1 pair of new hands for me

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