The Best PUBG/CSGO/H1Z1/DOTA Trade BOT (2017)


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  1. Worst Site Ever. They just didnt give my balance for my skins, tried to get in touch but i got ignored. Be careful, guys! Do not trust the lock before te URL, it's not safe at all.

  2. i want to trade my arcana,,but last days i appeared overstock 3/3..and the next day is 4/3..why someone can trade it but i cant ? and today 5/3,,whyyyy???? why i cant trade otherwise people can trade it,,hmm,,please help me

  3. This site is entirely for its own benefit and is not interested in the problems of its customers. When bots contain different items, the item you select disappears and it does not appear in the trade section. The site does not even give a warning for this. (Balance will not occur) and so on. If you make a contact about this, you will get a return for 1 day and it is said that you do not want to deal with your problem.

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