Steam Flash Sales may be Returning


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Valve may reinstate a retired idea: Flash Sales. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s talk about it and about a new way for people to get banned from PUBG. It’s really dumb too. Finally today, Nintendo clears up a 35 year old problem no one cared about. Let’s find out all these mysteries and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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  1. Isn't there also usually a "bonus" cartridge? How come that's not listed at the end of today's video? In relation with flash sales, i have mixed feelings because i didn't do a lot of those. As for the spyro game, that's a little sad for the game series. Especially since spyro makes my heart burn. Oh wait, that was just the powerful flame from the little dragon ^.^

  2. I don't understand why companies pull this still Tony hawk had the same issue If either you have no Internet or the servers shut down you have a sharp Frisbee

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about flash sales. The major problem with just having a summer sale without any flash is you know the price to begin to end and while that can be a good thing. You don't get any deep discounts like you used too, in fact, some of the sales are just sales they had over the year or weeks before at the same price. The only thing a summer or winter sale bought to it was the fact more than one game went on sale (maybe 25% of stock).

    There also games which are years old which barely get any discount. I wanted to buy old fashion guild wars 1, however, the cost for the collection was going to be well over 30 dollars for the set because you have to get the eye of the north which isn't included in the collection as well. I ultimately decided it wasn't worth it.

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