Spellbreak Answers: Is Spellbreak for Fortnite/PUBG players or aspiring battlemages?


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Proletariat CEO (and Spellbreak creative lead), Seth, continues our new Q&A series and answers a community question about Spellbreak’s potential audience.

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  1. I really hope this game is like 20-30 bucks to play if not the full 60 just so little kids cant just download and play. It's what is killing fortnite. I hope they don't make the same mistake. If it's free though, cant complain, the company just deserves more for such a masterpiece.

  2. fking nice concept ! but pls don't let it be battleroyale forever try to find another openworld pvp game then battleroyale it gets boring. there will be one time battleroyale will die that everyone want new stuff diffrent gameplays.

  3. Will it be for mobile cause i searched spell break mobile and this came out and if it is or it will pls make the graphics good and realese it for mobile fast if you haven't unlike fortnite

  4. Alright Seth, let's talk…
    This is the game that I've been waiting for. I've imagined this kind of game since PUBG came out. I always wanted a battle royale like this. When it was announced I was amazed that it was better than I imagined. But my question is… CAN I EVER PLAY THIS ON PLAYSTATION! Please don't do the same mistake that PUBG did when they only released it on PC and it took maybe almost a year before it came out on PS4 and it was too late, cause CoD BO4 Blackout was already released on PS4. I know it plays very different than the typical battle royale but don't wait until another player comes along. RELEASE IT ON PS4. Maybe on PS5 idk. But still… Just make it happen. That's it. I would buy this game even if it's a 100$ game. (But don't do it tho)

  5. I really hope you all are learning the lessons that epic is teaching such as providing skins and items to make your character unique seasonal or regular events different gameplay modes and etc this has huge potential cant wait to play and watch others play

  6. I've been waiting for another game to come out because of how shit fortnite really is, god bless you spellbreak making something that actually looked unique.

  7. This game will have a a lot of diffrent groups that are interested, I think the best thing they could do is make a MOBA arena style game like smite has along with the battle royal game mode. When it comes to royale game, it can be frustrating to get what you are interested in or to survive long enough to get it. So I'd greatly appreciate a similar gameplay style than just royale.

  8. From what I've seen of this game this is a BR game I can get behind. It reminds me of Overwatch in how abilities look, as well as how aiming looks in gameplay. The visuals for a pre alpha look really damn good too, and I like how abilities can combo together. I feel like that can open up a lot of high skill level competitive play. For a pre Alpha this looks like a really solid game. Definitely a game that if I had a half way decent rig to play it on I can see myself putting a lot of hours into. If this ever makes it to console though I'd gladly shell out the cash to play it. Definitely a game I'm gonna keep in my radar.

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