SLI Still Worth It? Battlefield V Tested with Two Graphics Cards!


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does having 2 graphics cards improve performance? SLI Still Worth It? should you still care for dual graphics cards in 2018/2019? is it still worth considering? Today were testing Battlefield V (bf5) – in this video series were going to answer all these questions by running dual gtx 970 sli! *** GTX 1060 is a brilliant bang for the buck deal ►

Today, we will be testing Battlefield 5 in the game mode Conquest – which is a battle royale mode for the cod…


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  1. Motion blur is basically console feature for 30 fps to smooth out the motion, or maybe for 60 fps if you have fast screen like Oled. It may not be very useful in most pc configurations but there are people with low end computers. Besides, why wouldn't they include motion blur, when it's one of the most basic features on console versions. Be careful what you wish for, if they removed the option, it would most likely mean motion blur would be defaulted ON.

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