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Hey #sxopemafia hope you guys are doing well. Am gonna be posting more of these tip videos so lemme know if you have any tips I can add in it.


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  1. Thth sound glitch always happen to me…….its just tht d game can only open 3 sound files……for esxample in war so many shooting and doenst open the wind sound folder i think its d mechanic of the game which made it come like tht


    I am conquerer in Asia-Sqaud-TPP,
    There is a settings in the menu which only a few people know and it allows you to change it according to your preference and increasing this thing will let you spray with a 6x and be God at shooting dmrs..

    In settings menu go to sensitivity and you should scroll down and you should see a ADS sensitivity ( I call it pull down sensitivity btw…) Basically what it does is it increases the sensitivity of how much you can swipe down when controlling recoil and you will notice red dot / holo has the highest of them
    all ( If you have a small phone you can increase these settings to help swipe down less and control the recoil)
    You can just increase the ADS sensitivity on 4x , 6x, 8x to spary on it ( But there is a limit…Don't increase it too much )

    This is looks pretty complicated when you read it…I know I am bad at making someone understand..tbh…
    Go to training change the ADS sensitivity to your preference for all the guns and be a GOD in controlling recoil 😉

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