PUBG XBOX/PS4: Next Update Fixes – Rendering/Loading Issues, Flying Vehicles


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We dont have a release date yet for the new update to xbox and PS4 but we can take a look at what new content will be coming to the game, including a new weapon and canted sights.
We take a look at the update and other news information to see what this means for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds on Xbox One & PS4. #PUBG #PUBGXbox #Xbox #Update

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  1. What is going on. I used to rape pubg no problem. Come out of paradise or boot camp every other game with 6-8 kills easy. Since the new map update I can’t even get a kill any one else noticed a difference

  2. Regardless of how we feel about PUBG Devs, the game is unmatched in terms of play. Ive tried APEX and its better than Blacc Out. (Its free) but it still gives no sense of real accomplishment either when you kill someone or win a match. Pub makes 99% of all kills give a sense of thrill and accomplishment. Chiccen dinners truly give a rewarding feeling. Like everyone here, I hate PUBG DEVS!!🤬 but I cant stay away from this gem and as long as new maps keep coming down every 6-8 mo, this game will never die! Honestly I dont think the original xbox ones can handle pubg. I have an X and it still takes a second to render when I land but after that NO issues. Until everyone has an X or X2 this game will remain broken as the biggest group out there is the original xbox one.

  3. Apex is head and shoulders above this game. I finally feel like I'm playing an FPS that rewards me for my gun-skill. Tired of the lag and shitty aim mechanics in pubg + low frame rate. Can't see myself coming back any time soon.

  4. I literally can't play this game anymore, nobody is playing fpp because tpp has "the higher advantage" but its just people has "the higher advantage" to being a pussy and just standing behind a wall.

  5. I paid for a game (pubg) and only get frustrated bcuz the bugs, if it was a fluid, smooth, crisp gameplay feel I wouldn't even care about other games. But it's so bad every patch has another patch for another problem. But why do I still play.

  6. Game is dead, “new” update is BS everytime they update something old breaks, for example the rendering they fixed that shit ages ago and now they have to fix it again. Dont even wont to see videos about this bad game from blueballs entertainment!

  7. I wonder why bluehole cant give us a decent frame rates on console even we paid them for the game? and Apex legend has the decent fps and it is a free to play! wtf!

  8. No matter how many times I say I'm done with PUBG. I keep coming back to it. I hate Fortnite, Black Out is fine but I don't get the same tactical realism that PUBG has. And all these other BR games are to cartoony for me. Realm Royale is okay and again Apex Legends is fine but suffers the same problem I have with other BR games such as Legendary Weapons, Special Abilities and Powers it just takes me out of it. Even Ring of Elysium now has BMX bikes that you can call on the go which takes away the threat of the circle. I just feel like PUBG hit the sweet spot with pacing, the atmosphere and feel of combat, loot management and of course sound design, the sounds of PUBG are just amazing. Especially when playing SOLO, it's nerve racking you're constantly on edge hearing distant gun fire thinking their a could be person behind that tree, or in that building. That's what keeps me coming back to PUBG.

  9. Honestly though, I bought this game over a year ago.. When the battle Royale craze was at its peak. Its garbage and makes you realize how mediocre it is! The dev's barely care about the game on console and the updates they shit out are barely worth my time to read.

  10. Me and my friend lost a game in the final circle to someone who had bugged out under the map which is gutting cause don't get chicken dinners very often cause mostly play with randoms, I too have downloaded apex but yet to play it, I still adore this game bugs and all lol

  11. If another company would get some common sense & make a realistic military BR like PubG they would clean up the market but instead we keep getting futuristic fake ass bs BRs like BO & AL but until that happens yeah PubG will stick around in all it's buggy glitchy desync laggy fucked up glory. I still can't get enough of PubG but if there was another realistic BR I hate to say it but I'd drop PubG like a dirty used condom.

  12. Bluehole- we will give an update on the update asap. Translation- we'll not say anything keep our heads up our asses here in Korea then an update will randomly pop up on your Xbox. I played AL & it's imho the 2nd best BR but it doesn't provide the joy, fun, or excitement of PubG & I love & have loved PubG but damn it's nerve wrecking dealing with, we have 1.0 (lol) & a PTS with over a year in & it's still like day 1 in PubG. Why do they not run shit on the PTS until it's fixed? Ppl will continue to come back as they did before but it's not a if but when another company gets some common fucking sense & puts out a realistic military BR like PubG & cleans up the market.

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