PUBG Mobile iOS / Android vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison


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PUBG Mobile has just been released as Open Beta in China. It requires a little effort to be able to play it already, but it sure is worth a try. If you’re curious how Mobile version looks compared to Original running on Xbox One X the this short graphics comparison might come in handy.

PUBG Mobile was captured on LG G5 Android device at default medium graphics settings.

Music: Action Time by Biz Baz Studio


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  1. Mobile better! But they should've Remove the sound indicator Because it's annoying if u wanna rush to someone they always Know and Camp on the door to kill ya.

  2. The footage looks just like on my Galaxy J5. This is not the best the mobile version can look. That being said, it's incredible that the game runs on that weak thing.

  3. Mobile = low quality overall houses do not have doors inside completely empty houses can stand still in a field and not get hit by a guy 10 feet away auto pickup and auto attachment upon walking over certain objects is nice not a bad game just doesnt stand up to quality in detail of xbox version by a long shot

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