PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep. 35


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Clip 1: CMozzarella

Clip 2: PizzabyAlfredo

Clip 3: LawUrDepravdHart

Clip 4: GodFlo

Clip 5: PancakesZA

Clip 6: OmarFBK

Clip 7: killermania88

Clip 8: hwinn

Clip 9: OfficialAndyPyro

Clip 10: ossost0711

Clip 11: shroud

Clip 12:…


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  1. Привет ребят👋,у меня тут канал созрел😇,буду очень благодарен,если зайдёте почекаете😏,мб понравится и даже подпишитесь/лайкните😉,заранее спасибо за поддержку🙌

  2. I just heard that Pubg are suing a game mode lol.. retards. So can every other game like cod doom battlefield unreal h1z1 wolfenstien overwatch.. in fact even any game with a vs mode in it, a gun, a level, a character, a map.. Pubg = jealous retards

  3. I’ve asked this multiple times and it still hasn’t been answered. Do you accept videos from a Microsoft OneDrive? I’ve sent probably enough clips for at least one to be shown and I haven’t seen my. So do you accept OneDrive clips or to I need to transfer them to something else?

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