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FIFA 2018 (PC Gameplay) – FIFA is back, now with better graphics, rounder balls, greener grass and the ability to fire rockets at the enemy. One of these may actually be a lie. But what is absolutely true is that FIFA 2018 gives you the feeling you’ve started playing a fighting game where the characters aren’t allowed to punch each-other anymore. At least that’s what the control scheme would suggest.

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  2. Estaría bueno q le pongan al fifa el español latino a los relatadores. Sin hacer parche etc y q muestren a los técnicos al muñe a los mellis después bueno el fifa 17 es igual q el 18 .

  3. Too bad FIFA has scripting.You can fix it to some extent using the player controller and CPU controller options but there's no way to turn it off completely.Also,they really improved the graphics and some of the little things a lot!

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