Panzerfaust AT Launcher – The "Tank Fist" | BATTLEFIELD V History


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In today’s video we look at the real history of the Panzerfaust launcher in Battlefield 5.

Could this be the best gadget in Battlefield V? What’s your favourite anti tank grenade or rocket launcher?



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  1. i like your videos. putting some historical content to a game is cool and interesting and the way you explain it makes me remember it. when i pull out the weapon during game play i think about what you said so keep it coming.

  2. I think there’s some achievement or whatever I got that was granted when the warhead bounced off a tank. That’s right. Bounce. Warheads don’t bounce. If so, that’s a like 10, 000,000 chance. I think the achievement is called “Glancing Blow”.

  3. Good video man, I like the history angle on weapons!

    How about the PIAT ? Also, tell us how someone weighing less than a wet napkin could possibly reload it (War Stories Ep. 2)…

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