NotMyCar – The Vehicle Battle Royale Game is Here (NotMyCarGameplay)


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Welcome to NotMyCar! Not my car is a battle royale game which is basically a mix of Crossout and PUBG.
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NotMyCar Game Overview:
NotMyCar is a vehicle battle royale similar to Fortnite or PUBG. Parachute into the…


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  1. uuuugh, boring. It should at least have good physic on the cars if you gonna make a car game. A sort of race/checkpoint type of thing would be much more intense than just running around and looting.

  2. Reading a lot of bad reviews saying there is something wrong with the way their server work…terrible input lag. Would be an awesome game like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8.

  3. This is more how I'd like Crossout's BR to be! My experience for Crossout's BR is either 15 second combat, or no contacts at all (one time I got trapped between the sandstorm and a cliff, with the opponent inside the next circle). This game seems to have more drawn out combat, which is something that I find most enjoyable in games!

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