Nintendo Switch – Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Bundle Announced, Anima GoM Retail & Rise RTF is BACK!


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Nintendo Switch Diablo 3 Eternal Collection console bundle announced, Anima Gate of Memories Arcane Edition retail revealed and Rise: Race the Future is back!
Switch Diablo 3 bundle
Anima Gate of Memories retail Switch
Rise Race the Future…


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  1. Hey PE Ninja Master wassup. More Nintendo Switch system bundles is more than welcome and this Diablo 3 Bundle looks pretty neat. I would love too see a Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3 Switch system bundles and Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing aswell plus I would like too see Bethesda getting a Switch system bundle aswell at some point but yes physical games needs too be in these systems bundles. Anima physical version could be a pass for me cuz what happened too see WiiU version that was a Kickstarter target, took the money from people that was supporting the WiiU but never delivered, although I did comment at the time on Nintendo Life's website saying what for the NX version now it's already here digitally n coming physical aswell lol so nice it's eventually on a Nintendo system lol. Rise: Race The Future does look really cool tho. Ironfall was really good game on the 3DS and looked awesome. Losing the main man is bad news :-(, hopefully this Racing happens and is a hit for them on PC and maybe other systems in the future.

  2. I don’t like download codes🤬😤 def would prefer a physical copy of the game in a bundle that I would. To that point I’ll never buy a bundle unless it has a physical copy of a game even though I want a second switch.

    Adding on that my preference is to have physical copies of my games” granted I understand why so many companies go digital on their games” for me I’ll only buy physical copies….

  3. For the bundles to have physical copies, the game would have to be ready a very long time as you have to manufacture the bundle and then add the cartridge. It’s very hard and expensive to do, thus why you have a code. If the game released far before the bundle, it’s easier.

  4. OJ, I agree the physical version should be included but Nintendo also did that with the Wii U when they bundled games. If anything, they should have preloaded Diablo instead of giving a download code.

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