NEW FREE PUBG is Better Than Console Version… WHAT!? (PUBG)


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  1. American companies are greedy that's why console versions suck. Asian companies care about customers or gamers. American companies care about money.

  2. This is why people said to stop pre ordering games and wait to see if it even world before you buy. We have to stop supporting bullshit products and then we'll stop getting them.

  3. Literally the only excuse for how poorly Bluehole has handled the PUBG fixes is if theyve been sinking all of their resources into PUBG 2. Which…ha..hahahahahaha

  4. All my friends literally switch to fortnite, not for the optimization and bugs but because if the items on fortnite. U only got some friend from different parts of the world that thankfully still plays pubg

  5. Yeah, been playing this game for a month. Very smooth and i haven't experienced any bugs(for now). Only problem is my internet connection(3rd world country, eh!) And it is downloadable through GARENA application.

  6. I played pubg on console. Never deleted a game so quick. It's so poorly optimized for console. Game developers think our consoles can do much more than they are capable of. A lite version for console would be awesome but I think pubg is dead now.

  7. WTF? This look better, than on console… 🤣🤣🤣
    PS4 player base is already pretty small… You need to que for 20 minutes at night.. And get lucky to get more than 50 players

  8. I wouldn't say "it makes my IP look like its coming from", since technically a proxy is a tcp tunnel which diverts your internet traffic through a gateway…so its more so your internet facing traffic that is being routed through a proxy server (transparent proxy) in Thailand

  9. Can anyone please help or give me some advise on the console version for PS4? The sensitivity is what’s killing me and my friends. I love the mobile version, but on console the movement is over done. Very hard to aim and stay steady.

  10. I love when someone says Xbox one X can’t handle 60 FPS lmao what a joke The OG Xbox one ran 60 FPS on battlefield 4 in 2013 and the game far more larger than PUBG Xbox lazy developers game is shit I use to love it I still got love for it but nothing has improved

  11. Lite is pubg mobile if it actually worked like people think it does
    Pubg mobile still has alot of bugs and lag, I don't get too much lag but bugs are still an issue, not to mention that they try to get kids to literally gamble for skins in loot boxes

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