*Nerfed* Patch 2.6 Goblin Run for Rainbow Goblins & Pet Goblins Diablo 3


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Today I wanted to showcase a Diablo 3 Goblin Run for Patch 2.6, this run is great for finding Rainbow Goblins and Pet Goblins!
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  1. Dude i played for days and days trying to find pets and could not find ANY but then the gods smiled down upon me one morning and this is no lie i got 5 pets out of 3 areas southern, northern and leoric's act 1 in one run, I almost died o and im on xbox one. Truly was amazing

  2. Add me guys if someone hunting pets and goblins NinaJewel#1368… Better to be in a group than in solo… Hehehe… Sooo hard… I'm just new in this game… Onl 3 friends I had in my list but they are sooo much busy to guide me and teach me… Hahaa… I found 1 finally rainbow goblin last night but no princess lilian… Hahaaa… Love to have the butterfly wings… My fav wings

  3. Thanks for the heads up, man. Not sure if it's a hidden route or not, but I've encountered a few instances when I'm running a Neph rift and in one certain area, there's at least 5 to 8 goblins of varying types. Its a nice surprise when grinding for one particular item.

  4. Thank you for this guide, made 50 runs here myself right after watching and ended up getting 35 goblins.
    Of those 35 I got 2 vaults, 2 Menagerist's, and 3 rainbow goblins. I also had 2 double goblins, I may have had gotten more but as soon as I killed one goblin I left the game without checking the rest of the area and made a new session. This was done in Season 11 on T13.

  5. Did 16 runs in this zone only which took no time at all. Two of those runs spawned double goblins and i got 10 goblins total. One was a menagerist and another was a nicely cornered gelatinous.

  6. Thanks so much for this Bluddshed. I only ran this route for about 2 hours a day for 3 days
    Amazing spot! Got 5 pets and rainbow goblins and on the 3rd rainbow goblin got the Cosmic wings!!!???
    Great spot patience is needed just keep trying.
    Playing on xbone.
    Thx just subbed

  7. so me and a buddy just did about….40 runs minimum…i think only twice, maybe three times there was no goblin. we got double gob maybe 10 times…..that being said (i know this is meant to help people) buuuuuuuut dont you think it will eventually be addressed once EVERYONE knows?

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