Macclesfield 2019/20 Review – Youth Squad Legends


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In this FIFA 19 Career Mode we’ll be taking Macclesfield Town on a Road To Glory using youth academy players and regens!

Follow the story as we go from League Two all the way up to the Premier League and Champions League!


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  1. So I tried to do something like this but on console. I created a bunch of players and got ready to pur them on a team. I went to choose a team and when I went back to transfer my players they were all gone. Why Fifa. 30 minutes and all down the drain. They even deleted the two guys I created before hand. All this to show that EA has a problem with saving created players. If anybody knows how to reverse this then please help me.

  2. Cutzy how about for loan players you stick with if the player gets heads you improve certain stats, but then if they get say 3 heads in a row, or more, they get a flat improvement.

  3. The team is seriously trash, I don’t know why you would expect them to score. Let alone be able to kick the ball 20cm without falling over. Don’t keep anyone under 55 rated man seriously.

  4. Cutzy press " Y " to choose your competition it helps get to the league or cup comp faster. Not sure if you knew this, buddy. Great vid. Looking forward to Sesaon 3 and what my lad Brownsword can get up to. "Brownsword in the rain, tra la la la laaa"

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