Let’s Talk Battlefield Episode 31: BFV Early Access Impressions + More


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For this episode of the Let’s Talk Battlefield podcast, we discuss:
4:00 Live Service / Tides of War Concerns
15:38 Are cosmetics enough to power Tides of War?
32:52 What do we want to see on Battlefield 5’s Dev Talks series?

Hopefully you enjoy this discussion on Battlefield V. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Stoked as that u guys are doin this still. I found this as a podcast well after u made most of ur bf1 content. Even though it was "outdated" at the time I really enjoyed this more in depth content and focus.

  2. Well they have a badge with a pigeon that you get if you subscribe to their email, but what about getting a skin if you subscribe to their social media or something? They could have a skin where you carry around a box with a pigeon in it or a bag full of letters when you follow them on twitter or whatever. I think taking creative liberties is fine as long as it is somewhat accurate to the time.

  3. The last dev talk had something near the end (the cat), which some think is something to do with an Easter Egg. Also about social space, apparently the practice range will be multiplayer so you can maybe invite friends, no official word on that yet. Even BF community managers Dan and Jeff joked about that in the stream yesterday.

    Agree with flak about medics, the smgs are weak, medics need some type of medium range weapon (the gewehr rifle was perfect in the beta). I wish the RSC was back with the medic not the sniper.

  4. Some sort of victory stance or victory animation (kinda overwatch esque but realistic and not cartoonish. and possibly kind of tittles under your name (like a rocket league type esque) would be something interesting. the skilled players would enjoy showing off to the rest of the people in the game.

  5. I think tank and airplane skin designs would be really good and people would purchase them. I think some sort of kill logo on the kill card would be interesting. the airplane and tank skins wouldn't be for you to look at as much as the person who got killed by you would see the tank you were driving. The customization's are for the person to show off and to make the people your killing see who they are getting killed by. I think that may be what they are going for.

  6. Just listening through the podcast. This is about the max level being 50. I think that you should get a worth while reward (like epic skins) for reaching it and then also maybe a prestige system to let you reset progress and earn earn more stuff. I usually only play certain classes until I max them out then move on. This would keep me coming back

  7. As a person who really enjoyed bf1 I won’t be picking up this game. I don’t get the ww2 feel from this game at all and with all of the debacles up to this point I just can’t in good faith pay $80+ dollars for this.

  8. Here is something that no one seems to be bringing up that NEEDS to be handled differently and better than Battlefield 1 (which… I have nothing good to say about – BF1 was a dumpster fire of a Battlefield game). That that simply is CUSTOM SERVERS. Go back and think on the custom servers for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Admins had options to restrict weapons, edit ticket values, kick hackers, even the teams, ect. Battlefield 1's customer servers were basically… just some options that DICE servers already had. And they were few and far in-between because who would want to pay for a server with so few options? That helps kill player bases and player retention. You NEED good custom rentable servers available and it NEEDS to be within 6 months of launch. And admin tools need to be available the likes of which BF3/4 had. Otherwise… longevity is going to suffer. People still gladly play Battlefield 4 and on 24/7 Metro/Lockers servers where certain weapons are banned and admins are present to kick hackers and players that are shitting up the server. Without that? I guarantee you a HELL OF A LOT LESS people would still be playing the game.

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