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A single player Warrior run of Diablo 1.

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  1. Hello folks! Russian fella here and i believe i know the answer to the Griffin Stryker's question about love Russians have for the Diablo franchise. Stay awhile and listen:

    Back in the 90s/early 2000s Russia was undergoing clearly not her hey-days (and still is but this is a whole another story) and very few people could afford a PC or a popular in the West PS1/2. The only things we had were pirate versions of SNES and Sega Genesis. Don't get me wrong we did love them but it was rather painful to witness entire civilized world playing games on superior platforms and we were doomed to play what we had over and over again. Having said that, our entrepreneurs quickly realised a demand of the market and were happy to offer a supply – computer clubs. To say they were widespread is an understatement. Besides the fact that they were everywhere and relatively cheap they could also provide a new gaming experience which was a massive (more than 2 people) multiplayer. It's easy to guess which games were the most popular back then. Counter-strike, quake 3, heroes 3, warcraft 3, dota, starcraft and of course diablo 2. The vast majority of youngsters and teenagers became addicted to them pronto and the only thing they dreamed about was to be able to play them at home for as long as they wanted. And happily they were able to do it in a little while. That is the sole reason why Russia has a such strong PC community rather than a console one. Because we didn't have money to buy consoles back then and by the time we actually were able to buy them we had been already attached to PC titles across the board. And obviously games like Diablo have a special place in our hearts because they gave us everything we could desire as boys during those grim times. That is why we love them and play them even nowadays. I've personally played the shit out of Diablo 2. Hundreds of hours or maybe even thousands. Hell, i have it installed on my PC right now with several good to go characters.

    So i hope we clarified this one.

    P.S. Please bear with my English and thank you Travis for the stream and sweet nostalgia.

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