Knife making – Damascus CS:GO huntsman knife


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The Huntsman knife is a knife from the game Counter Strike global offensive AKA CS:GO

The knife is made out of saw blads and some normal steel stacks into 45 layers and drawn out and twistet and is 5 mm thick. The handle is made made out of pom material

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  2. I don't like this "space age" look that knives have taken on lately. I prefer good quality classic knives that last. You can put all the bullshit bells and whistles you want but if the knife won't hold an edge what good is it?

  3. A tip I learned is it's easier to grind the saw or metal you're using before you cut it into small pieces for your stack. You only need to clamp 2 or 3 times where when you cut that piece into say 5 pieces you change clamping 10 or 15 times. Just a tip no crap talking. Something I figured out in my 30 years working metal. Cheers

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