Is PUBG On It’s Way to PS4?! – A Gamescom 2018 PUBG Trailer Suggests It Could Be Worked On Right Now


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With the announcement of PUBG officially launching on Xbox as a Version 1 fully finished game, a trailer released that showed a PS4 console on the desk of one of the employees at Bluehole/PUBG Corps. Could this be indication that PUBG is coming to PS4? Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I’m surprised that you’ll actually like pubg more than fortnight all my friends say fortnight is better but pubg is more realistic so if pubg comes on ps4 anytime sooner I will play pubg more than fortnight

  2. If PUBG rly release on ps4 then i think Xbox One in rly done since PUBG is the only game that keeps Xbox One sales somehow alive (if we can consider 70-80k unit per week alive )but the moment that game get ps4 release then Xbox One wont even manage to sale 50k a week.

  3. I just want pubg on ps4 I really hope they release it soon this year😫 let's all have some patience and hope for it to be successfully released soon

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