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  1. fk off trading lool play it man…lmao its a video game… Two type of players 1.who like playing shit fifa18 2.dont play instead only trading LMAO

  2. I had 550k at the start of tots and nothing else except 88 van Persie and schweinstager, I made about 150k off trading and investing, I done all 4 advanced league she's for 50k and made a decent bit, I also packed Robertson in gold 1 squad battle rewards when he was 150k, made 80k profit on the zaha sbc and I done the 2 guaranteed PL tots and I just packed walker in the ultimate sbc. This is my team now:
    Tots zoet
    Tots Robertson 88 rijkard 87 De ligt tots walker
    Tots matic. IF fernandinho
    SBC de bruyne
    Tots sane prime icon Larson tots mahrez

  3. Nick, I posted this on Reddit, but I think people should know this. FUT has an economy, and EA are applying basic economical principles to have a grip on the market… Or I thought they were.

    Those upgrade SBC's serve a purpouse: they are economic stabylizers, to prevent major deflation when the markets are flooded with excess supply (pack openings during promos). TOTW upgrades, 81/82+ upgrades, etc. get the market rid of that excess supply (and coins) and stabylize item value.

    At this point in the FIFA cycle, they have little to no impact, because:

    – The best items are out, rendering normal items obsolete;

    – There is nothing left to stabylize. They didn't have them in place by the time of major crash pre-WC mode release, so now shit has hit the fan. Demand is irrelevant, supply is already mass-flooded.

    This last point is where I believe they misread the whole situation: no market stabylizers = volatile market during major events. How couldn't they know that people were gonna sell their whole clubs for WC Mode? This we all foresaw.

    What they can now do is release new promos/SBC's to increase demand on regular FUT again, but from a business standpoint that would be cannibalism, because they'd be telling their customers that their newest product, WC mode, is dead. I don't think the market will bounce back that much with the new Guaranteed Ultimate TOTS (at least not that highly).

    I have a tradepile full of Patricios, Carvalhos, Casillas sitting there, that I got for discard since Tuesday, I predict they'll go up to 1k/1.5k max.

    I could be wrong, but I'm trying to read this from an macroeconomical standpoint, not a FIFA player one. This is just my take on things.

  4. FIFA need to create an end goal for their FIFA games to keep the market alive until near the end. I think there should be a big monthly fut champions league kinda thing or a big tournament in August every year where whatever you win… You get rewards in the next FIFA the next month. So there is actually a purpose for making a great team all year for one great end game. Because having a great team right now… Doesn't mean a thing

  5. Exactly what i think good video.
    Already bought aguero 96 for my team. Today is the best day in the next time to buy your players.
    Much people notice, that WC mode is a nice Feature, but it has no competitive mode and everyone has a insane team after a few days.
    This WC Mode is made for a fast coin wipe and many peaple ´did notice thisnow.

  6. I have around 200k, when should I buy my final team? I should have bought a couple of days back, but I couldnt. I was wondering if the prices will decrease again or I should just buy my team now…PLEASE HELP MEEEE

  7. World cup mode has exposed the pay to win people hard. Not surprised that some hate it. Because the gap in quality between teams is smaller. Smashed a top 100 player the other day on the WC mode.

  8. i just made 900k loss cuss you told me on save my totts investments on ligue 1 and calcio A they will go up shit man why did i go all out.everytime it was same impact and i was like why am i not making a killing so ichilled with them 60k totts shit man no one saw that one coming i would have got the best players now i broke af.

  9. Nick, I honestly think no one cares any more bro. There is no point playing fut anymore… cards are worthless, wm is out (where there is no market which is a refreshing change) and there's just nothing to play for moving forward… hopefully 19 is better.
    I also think fut is not fun anymore with all these super op meta cards and horrible gameplay which is why I personally am enjoying wm even though the gameplay is just a shit.

  10. bought my players for my team: 90 henry for 220k and 94 suarez for just 150k. Do i need to worry about the prices off these players ? Are the gone drop more or not ?

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