I Put GTA 5 Players In FBI Custody & They Invited Their Modder Friends To Deal With Me


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Sharp tK’s girl dressed up as a cop for me last night. She even tried to handcuff me to the bed but Sharp called her while she was in the middle of it. I told her to turn off her phone but she told me that Sharp had been crying because he found out she has been seeing me.


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  1. You are the fucking best. More of this please, you are literally the final boss that no one can defeat, and that hoe who’s comment you pinned her snatch prolly smell like shit.

  2. tbh i think blackops grief one time worked for the government and he know how to master code and he build all his stuff on a private server black ops grief is my father now he cool af funny hell im bout to watch ever video of his and comment tbh i want to see him make a compilation of people failing

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