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Today I have a HUGE Firewall Zero Hour leak to share with you, that I can hardly contain, I really didn’t think I was going to make a PSVR video today, but I just had to let you know about the Counter Strike VR game coming to PlayStation VR, just had to, on and there are 4 new psvr games out today, enjoy.

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  1. Frankie, you are absolutely amazing! Never stop doing what you do! You have a beautiful soul and don't you ever believe otherwise. I'll always love what you do, Frankie. Keep following your dreams ✊

  2. #askfrank I've had PSVR since launch, and I'm about to pick up the Vive. Do you have any must have Vive game recommendations? (Preferably nothing that's already available on PSVR?) Love you Frankie!

  3. Thank you for mentioning your depression Frank. It made me feel not so alone. It's a very lonely condition as you know. Heads up pal. You inspire me. Thank you for your show, I look forward to it.


  4. You missed one frank, a game called elysium, it’s a sandbox game for psvr can’t wait, also hope that depression goes away soon I know how it feels to be very depressed, trust me I still am and don’t see a way out but stay strong frank

  5. Get some weed or dabs homie. Regulate those feelings of depression by supplementing your EC system properly. You are probably deficient. Your show always makes me laugh. Chin up bro.

  6. You've been awake for 48+ hours. I know exactly what it's like. Rest. I've been staying awake for 72+ hours at a clip for three years solid. Awake for days, sleep for 24-48. I'm gonna be dead soon. Don't put yourself through it man. I get super bouncy before I collapse. Italian "talking with your hands" with hyperfluid monologuing. I'm usually expounding on the Machevellian global conspiracy to control the world through the misinformation, fear based ideological extremism, defunding of education to deminish our connection to fellow man by throttling capacity for abstract thought, basic logic and teaching dependence on theocratic, nationalistic, imperialist defense against thought and expression.

    Drown society in a tsunami of banality and contrived crisis with only biased extremist propaganda, agenda based non-solutions to perpetuate the feeling of helpless shock and victimhood.

    I'm doing it too. I forgot what I was even trying to say. Oh… You work too hard. Turning something you love into a job makes everything you used to enjoy into work. You end up hating the best parts of life. I hate everything. My dreams are poisonous and full of regret. We love the Frank. Be good to yourself, because you're good enough. You're smart enough, and dog gone it, people like you. <=Stewart Smally

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