HUGE FEBRUARY PATCH NEWS | Battlefield V: Quality of Life Tracker (PLUS Tiger Tank Skin Work Around)


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Today we’ve had some big news about the patches that we can expect in February for Battlefield 5. DICE and EA have released new information about how they will be solving in game issues and also have released a brand new Quality of Life Tracker, a new forum post that they will update regularly to keep us, the players in the loop about what is happening in BFV. I’ll talk you through the top priority fixes that are coming in Feb and how you can help improving Battlefield 5 in the future too….


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  1. I think the biggest issues at hand right now in BF5 is the TTK (being killed in one frame) and visibility (not being able to distinguish players vs the environment). Also wow, we have to pay for the dlc weapons if we didn't do Tides Of War. Why not just make weapon assignments instead of using company coin?

  2. I played last night and I was behind a rock or apiece of metal and my shots kept bouncing off it but the enemy killed me thru it. From the beginning of BFV i have the 3 symbols light up on he right of my screen for poor connection or ping…. my local internet service confirmed my internet is fully functional. many times my squad mates and I, rolled into the black screen of death between new maps or games and had to logoff and rejoin the squad resulting in losing our spots in the game and wasting time to get back in. please get these things fixed it is very frustrating as a loyal BF player…

  3. The footsteps we're really loud on ur own team but quiet on the enermy team but u could here them since the patch u can not here them again. I was playing last night I got shot round a corner few times killed buy one bullet on full health buy loads of guns that wernt the sniper I had a glitch yesterday where when I shot it kept bringing my team menu back up.when ur in a squad u carnt sporn in a match together.i could go on all day was just starting to enjoy this game.

  4. This is great news! Good to know that DICE really is committing to the improvement of the game, and that they're starting to be more open and public with their plans and status updates.

  5. Wait so we can purchase skins/weapons we didn’t unlock from earlier rides of war chapters with our CC? That’s good news. I just wish for new maps 🙁 or at least allow us to play breakthrough on panzerstorm even though that might be a slaughter for infantry 😂

  6. On thing they need to add it's a separation between allied and axis soldiers in the company it would be so cool and if they add factions they should put them on specific maps like in battlefield 1

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