How to set up the Steam controller with Diablo 3


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Download the config file here:

Put it in this directory [unless you installed Steam elsewhere]:
C:Program Files (x86)Steamcontroller_basetemplates

Watch the video for further instructions. =]

I definitely rushed making this, so please excuse any mistakes.

There are ways…


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  1. This video kind makes me wanna buy a Steam Controller. I started playing D3 a week ago again and pretty much play all day but tend to get cramps in my fingers.

    This might be a good solution to relax my hands and fingers a bit, but keep playing D3.

  2. im not being funny but steam is a config nightmare the whole point if a console like app on pc is plug and play why is it sucka messs and such a long winded process all the time

    why not add game to steam YES/NO followed by add steam pad to game YES/NO this is not rocket sciene and not hard to do..

    also i here other players steam pad settings configs are uploaded to steam so you can use them WERE THE HELL IS THIS FEATURE/PLACE ON STEAM

  3. Adding the -launch doesn't fix it for me. If I start up Diablo 3 from Big Picture Mode then the screen stays black… when checking the original system its running on, everything is fine there but on the tv (with Steam Link connected) it stays black and all I get is audio :/

  4. Tried to do this method but when I go to Diablo 3 in Steam Link I don't have the option to configure controller. Is there something else I need to do to enable it? Was trying to map my Dualshock 4 and it works with steam controller games but I don't have this option

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