How to Install GTA 5 PC LSPDFR Mod Like GTA 4 LCPDFR


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What is in LSPDFR right now is Pursuits, Callouts, Arresting and Transporting, and Traffic Stops, Police Backup, and Interactions.
Three pursuit-based callouts are available in the first version of LSPDFR, namely:
– Pursuit in progress
– Grand Theft Auto
– Pursuit of armed suspects

Lspdfr Download:

The following are required to run the…


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  1. doctor gta can u help me man to download and play the mods please with teamviewer because i download rage plugin hook and i only can play lspd first response when i download and vehicle search it is crashed all times and i cant do something rage plugin hook is shit or me cand do it??..i dont know please answer…thanks..!!

  2. Anyone able to help. I have gta v steam edition and installed lspdfr but when I launch it it comes up with court game installation. could not locate gta5.exe in C:userstonydesktop

  3. of course i have the new version of ragehook.
    the game i bought as a download version at gamesshop.

    what am doing wrong? 🙁 help please

    my son wants to play as a cop

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