How To Defeat Uncollected Diablo! – Top 10 Champions – Marvel Contest Of Champions


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Today I cover all my tips and tricks for dealing with Diablo on Uncollected difficulty along with 10 Champions that have the ability to out damage or deal with his pretty insane regeneration!

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  1. Hey everyone! Hope this video helps out. I'm still trying to find as many Diablo options as possible to try and help everyone out, this guy is a bit of a pain tho! If you've got a Champion or strategy not discussed in this video please do let me know in the comments. Spread all that love and information. Cheers and best of luck!

  2. Forgive me if I missed it but how is Symbiote Supreme against Diablo??? I'm not fully familier with him like you are but I think he could be a good option. I don't have him in any star yet so I can't try but I would love to know what you think??

  3. I do heroic and master at the moment every month i‘m not uncollected and have no rank 4 5 star but a good team of 4star rank 5 and 5star rank 3 should i keep doing heroic or is it unnecessary?

  4. Have you tried your domino with massacre and red hulk synergy? I ran that whole section using dom with her heavy about 98% of the fights. Took me an average of 20 hits to kill diablo and maybe 4-6 with everyone else. It was fun!

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