GTX 660 Ti vs Radeon HD 7950 Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Showdown Review Linus Tech Tips


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Battlefield 3 multiplayer benchmarks DONE! GeForce GTX 660 Ti versus Radeon HD 7950 ends up being a pretty epic battle. Slick’s attempts to run benchmarks also are pretty epic…



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  1. I'm still rockin' a pair of 7950's… these things might be showing a little bit of age but HOLY CRAP ARE THEY STILL POWERFUL!!! in fact… my Windforce edition GPU hammers that 660Ti pretty handily… it's not even overclocked past its stock!! (1000MHz)

  2. Can someone explain to me what is RAM used for? I have good graphics card and good processor but only 4/16 GB of ram. If i upgrade to 16gb of ram will that make some difference ? Because now its running BF3 at 34 FPS on max settings. Will ram give it a little fps boost?

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