GTA Online: Is It Worth Destroying Enemy CEO’s Special Cargo? (GTA 5 CEO Missions)


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Whenever I’ve destroyed enemy CEO’s cargo in GTA Online, or seen someone else destroy a crate, the only thing you get from it is $2,000 and some ammo which doesn’t seem worth it at all. If this is the same “reward” every time you destroy someone else’s cargo then it definitely needs to be increased or we need to be allowed to steal other player’s cargo and deliver it to our own warehouses!

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  1. It doesn't matter about the money you earn for destroying cargo. People who do this, do it for fun/entertainment. If griefers wanna earn lot's of money they will do so. But destroying other's things, is just for entertainment. A lot of people out in the gta gaming community complain so much about what someone does in the game.. If someone wants to destroy things, so be it. If someone wants to grind so be it! Simply make a solo session if you don't want anyone messing with you. This is why it is called, "FREE ROAM." You are free to do what you want. If the game tells someone to do something they can! It all matters about how a person plays the game. You can either accept that or stop complaining. geez…

  2. just saying if your on xbox one and you want a private public lobby to do missions is go to your network settings and click "test NAT type" it removes all players from your lobby and you can do your missions freely

  3. I have an idea! How about the amount of cargo in the money that it's worth is taken from you when you destroy cargo. i.e : crates worth 2 million, you destroy them and you lose 2 million.

  4. People who are complaining about people destroying creates or cars. Don’t be mad at us. It’s what gta says to do. A little message on top of the screen says destroy cargo for money and rp. If you want wane use to mess with your business don’t do it solo and have back up.

  5. You only get $2000 from it, too. Like, are you gonna be that fucking stupid to get on your pussy bike (AKA, the Oppressor and the MKII version) and destroy my cargo for 2 grand? That’s just fucking sad. The worst part is if it’s on a 2X$ and RP weekend, they would rather waste their time destroying cargo worth more than their pussy bike than doing missions where you get more money.

  6. Will by destroying cargo for other players you basically just helped rockstar , that’s what they want to make you feel board and buying there card I actually quit the game because it just stressed me after 2dayes working on my warehouse

  7. I have the best cargo story i was driving the slow cargo van and this random guy was on a motorbike and was heading diagonally towards me with a sticky bomb, i had a lot of enemy AI on me and police so when he was close to me he threw the sticky bomb and it hit one of the AI cars, then he crashed into me at 100mph and flew into the AI cars, almost dead. He detonated it thinking it was on me and blew up the AI cars with him on it, but before he died he got flattened with a truck and finally blew up from the truck explosion, all that in a matter of seconds. I generally felt sorry for him so instead of sending them a "get rekt" or "haha you didn't get my cargo", i sent him an " are you ok!? That looked very painful" 😂

  8. I just quit GTA because of this. I bought two cargo shipments of Narcotics and collected one and took it to the warehouse. Some dick stick decided to blow up my last cargo crate. Then I bought the 18 thousand 3 crate and started my way.

    I collected it and I was just down the street from my warehouse and some cunt came cruising in the air with his bitch boy in the passenger seat and blew up my van. I immediately raged and closed down the application.

    After the doomsday heist update, you can't sell or collect shit without some whop asshole blowing up your cargo with a Dexluxo.

    GTA online is nothing now but griefers galore. The only way to get entertainment from it now is if you had previously transferred a modded account or have done money glitches and own everything.

  9. R*: hey you, I got a job for you
    Player: ya what is it
    R*: you see that guy over there, I need you to blow all his crates up
    Player: ok as long as I get a reward
    R*: yes yes. Now go
    A few moments later
    Player: I blew his crates up. Must be worth 2 million. What's my reward?
    R*: huh? Oh right. Here take this.
    Player: this is 2000 dollars
    R*: you're welcome
    R*: see yah
    Crate guy: you
    Crate guy: you're dead.😠
    Player: oh shi… 😨

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