GTA 5 San Andreas Flight School Gold Medal Rewards & HUGE Payouts! (GTA V DLC)


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GTA 5 San Andreas Flight School Gold Medal Rewards & HUGE Payouts! (GTA V DLC)
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  1. I just completed this lastnight before I seen this video, I was extremely disappointed.  At the very least security should let you into the airport without you having to break in anymore, but no all you get is an Elitas t-shirt, which in my opinion it should be a t-shirt that reads, "I completed the Los Santos Flight School and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt." 🙂

  2. Something tells me the people who came up with that shirt reward also came up with the Hipster shirts, "I nailed all these missions and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". Although the money boost is awesome still 😛

  3. I make millions in the flight school. I make a new character. Level it up to 6 or seven then you unlock the school. Complete flight school. Try every lesson gold. You make over 200k. When you Done. Transfer the money to bank acount. Then go to swap character the delete him or her. Then repeat everything.

  4. Correction: All gold gives you about 200k to 300k cash. Also you can repeat the flight school for full payouts by making a new character and ranking it to 6 and doing it all over again, then just bank cash delet and repeat.

  5. Word of advice to players trying to get all gold but are failing on the low flying mission try it with your landing gear down it worked for me good luck !!

  6. They need to add some more military stuff because it gets boring to use a jet all the time. They need a AC-130 an a osprey helicopter. They need to have a military hummer that has a mini gun on top of it. And a actual sub instead of that 1 seat piece of crap. It's useless. What really gets me upset is when they put out soooo much work onto something like the liberator or the fireworks and they just take it off. And why do they put PRICES SO HIGH like the new swift. Some people aren't able to get that much money that high like me and alot others that i know when someone gets that much the thing that they wanted is already gone

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