GTA 5 [Ps3/1.27] Update Fix


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Yo guys watsup its bossgammer and have found a fix for those who still sruggle
to get into normal lobbies ……
even tho the download sais BLES ……..BLUS could use  it aswell easy……..
hope this works because this did work for me as you did see in the video
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  1. انا توني اسوي الاونلاين وطلعلي الكلام هذا
    تم تنزيل حزمة محتوى جديدة قابلة للتنزيل وتثبيتها للعودة إلى Grand Theft Auto V.
    اللي يعرف الحل يعلمني

  2. Am going to download the update data, it takes like 1hour Then I reinstall the mod menu then it might work, you see i need to help my self not you helping me what kind of youtuber are you, you need to help people not just put question marks and never reply 🙄🙄

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