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We turn the cheating up to eleven in GTA V PC.

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  1. I know all the cheats of every GTA I can also tell you a app but I did not use the download GTA cheats it would not be GTA 1 cheats it would be all GTA CHEATS

  2. does any1 know how to quick switch to a specific weapon while driving? ive applied the keys 1-5 to my "main" weapons. Unfortunately i cant quick switch em while driving soi  have to do it the long way (smashing tab until i get that weapon) -_-

  3. can i run this game, i have a new imac that came out this year with intel pentium 3 and intel 655 chipset graphics. I bought it for £3000 and it works well, i use it for graphics design since macs are so great for graphics and animation. I also got it for a little gaming because macs are super compatible for games. So can I run it or not.

  4. Its no suprise but everyone seems to play with Franklin on most of the Gta V gameplays I watch. I know I do I like all of the characters but Franklin makes Gta V feel like an Hd san andreas.

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