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Hey, what’s up! So if you guys didn’t know the really Exploited mission from Martin and it was ROOFTOP RUMBLE. This mission was removed but now its back thanks to Rockstar lol. So they removed it and now its back, I played this mission again after removal and the only way to get it is to call Martin and get Lucky. It was in the start menu but now only through a call to…


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  1. I play this mission 3-5 times every day and when I collect the document I don't deliver it straight away but I like to wait around Madrazo's house for extra 10-15 minutes to get an extra RP which is always more than 4000 and the money it gives me 22,500.. Still pretty good I think to rank up quickly , I am 170 rank now and when I started repeating this I was at 107 rank. So I do this to gain more RP in short period of time. Also if you have a Kuruma Armor .. Makes it a lot easier for a solo game …

  2. i know trick how can maxiumum amount money from this mission. mission time have to be at least 15 min, if u play alone and kill everey one u will get 22500 and RP 4200, and if there 4 players and do exact same way then get all players 29000 and 5200 rp.
    if enyone want make money add my psn MAXIMUM99990. BTW i use tank for this mission it makes way easyer this mission , every single time i win, never fail.

  3. Rockstar fucks everything up why is the amount you get now 11,000 or lower!!! That's horrible… And I thought this mission was supposed to reward me for getting 75. Regardless I am rank 138 because I used to play it a lot when it wasn't being messed up by rockstar. This better be in preparation for heists that give a metric fuck ton of money…

  4. Its not a damn exploit if it's Rockstars mission. They felt like giving us the money for doing it. We just grind the hell out of it so we can actually buy their $1200 hair cuts or $12 candy bars! Rockstar needs to get a life and stop getting so butthurt.

  5. no what would happen is if you wait 5 mins then you get 20 k if you wait longer you can get more some one waited 8 hours and got 1 million. I don't have time for that i wait like 20 mins by just like driving to the milarity base and you don't get cops and when you deliver it you get more money. The longer wait more money. 

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