GTA 5 Online – How To Get Dodo Seaplane – Secret Tips & Tricks – “First Person” Gameplay (GTA V PS4)


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GTA V Online – Dodo Seaplane price, tips, tricks, gameplay, water landing, and more! Thanks for watching!

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GTA 5 Online – “First Person” Free Roam Online Gameplay! (GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One HD 1080p)



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  1. why they would go through all the work to make this plane then block me from using is just WRONG

    i made a new account for my xbox one. wha a fail rockstar.

    gta6 better have better planes bonestly gta online is lacking in plane customization etc

    oh and being an rc pilot takes more skill than lvl2 lol FAIL

  2. How much do you have to pay to recover the plane from insurance? Just considering if it's worth for me to get now, as I'm mainly doing solo missions online

  3. A lot of people are asking how to obtain the Dodo. 

    You cannot obtain the Dodo Seaplane if you did not transfer your account from Xbox 360 or PS3.

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