GTA 5 – Altruist Cult Shootout [Altruist Acolyte Achievement / Trophy]


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Walkthrough / Guide on how to unlock and complete the Altruist Cult Shootout event in Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V Achievements / Trophies and Side Missions Playlist:


The possible victims to deliver to the Altruist Cult are:
● Drunk Driver #1 –
● Drunk Driver #2 –
● Lacey Jonas (Escape Paparazzi) -…


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  1. I wish I would have known about this before I did all of those side missions. I found this place randomly, went in and killed them but never seen any brief cases with money only a vest and maybe a gun. I would have delivered some of those people 🙁 I’ve only not done one mission and it’s the bride one. I keep driving by the church but she doesn’t appear. And what about that guy who’s tied to a pole? He needs a ride to change and to his wedding? Can you bring him?

  2. i took ursula to the vinewood hills sign as michael on a sanchez. her boyfriend came after me and i punched him out. she then started makes weird praying gestures with her hands and walked into the fenced up area and then disappeared along with the bike. never knew about this camp until now.

  3. My gosh don't Think I want the game if.

    1:pointing the camera at a man doing it with his wife.
    2:husband and wife doing porn in the back set.
    3:man tied to a pool with closes off.
    4:less interiors.
    5:and when the car falls it does no damage to the growled.

    And basically some more stuff.

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