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  1. out all the tryhards you could try to make content out of in that lobby you chose to prey on the weakest nd worst of players in that lobby then the second you face a “challenge” (a noob in a lazer) you ran away almost immediately didnt even try to dogfight that, yet goes straight to beat up a lil b-11 mmm not to mention you only got like 4 kills and named this video “freemode war, and dogfighting” 🐸☕️

  2. Someone tried to kill me with the Hydra but they failed and they got mad they call me a coward i said you are a coward using a jet to kill people that's a coward right there with no skill whatsoever but he use a flying bike but he failed again I shot him now the score was 0 to 1 then he Rage Quit

  3. a rank 247 killing himself flying upside down close to the ground .. has he not learned flying yet ?
    going passive while stand your ground is active.. hmmhh ????
    wow .. he suddenly dropped 47 ranks .. servers buggy again eh … and then dropping another 88 ranks ..and back to 247 .. some buggy server or what ?

  4. I am assuming you know this cause your a god in the savage but if you fly completely straight opresser mark 2 missiles cannot hit you nice vid btw

  5. I think there will be a update in January or February like old times I hope they add the Jeep trackhawk or the caracara 4×4 or maybe the Audi RS7 I hope there is so much content that it would be enough to keep ppl playing until they update rdr out of the beta stage. For right now we just have to wait till we get mansions and own that new rolls Royce suv. One can hope right.

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