France Celebrates World Cup Win In Paris Victory Parade | TIME


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Jubilant fans welcome France’s national football team as they return victorious from the FIFA World Cup for the second time in history.

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  1. Incredible game by France. Totally dominating master class. They demolished Croatia, which in my opinion, did not deserve to even be there. They had the very easy knock out draw and barely won those games. So no surprise in the final, it was all France. Should have been 4-1 if Lloris had not made his mishandling blunder.

  2. Croatia were the real winners because they did not use any AfriCan immigrants to win! They did it with their own talent! So Congratulations Croatia! You are the real winners! And where are the black dudes that helped to win this cup! I don't see many of them. Dumb africans they are being put behind and white frenchmen in front of parades! They are being discriminated against! and they don't see it!

  3. I must say I'm a little bit disapointed…. Thought they would celebrate at the Eiffel tower until morning like Spain celebrated in Madrid in 2010…

  4. never in my life did I ever see a team that suck so badly, and win the world cup
    another fixed world cup just like 98 when they poisoned ronaldo in his hotel room
    and gave him seizures


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