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Final Fantasy XI Mobile is a concept that I dreamed about for many years, but we’re still not sure what it will actually be! With Diablo Immortal generating immense frustration among the fanbase, what mistakes should Square Enix try to avoid? In this video I get into what I wish Final Fantasy XI Mobile actually was, and where it can learn from Diablo’s mistakes.

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  1. Jeez, I played on launch and I would pay to have it mobile or even on a classic server (world of warcraft is releasing a classic server) but I dont see them actually making a profit because I doubt there are many people like me out there

  2. The reason why I'm excited about the game is just the fact that I don't always have the money to play FFXI. So having a Mobile version of the game can help fill in the void of when I can't play. Not to mention I don't want to rag on the game before it comes out. Nexon does have at least one good game and its dragons nest and the Mobile version is fun too. So before one says it's a bad idea try it first. Not to mention it may bring players to the pc too. Because people get curious about what's it like to play FFXI on the computer.

  3. Havein FFXI on moblie be nice and great to play while I'm at work, but I wouldn't like it if they had to down down or change the gameplay just to make it works. If it works cool, if not well there alway the pc

  4. Just looked at the new screens. I get this warm nostalgiablanket wash over me, but like the laundry, it quickly cools in my arms at the thought of SE's current practices.
    But This game defined a decade of my life and shaped me as a successful person (gasp!) I'm obligated to give it a shot.

  5. FF11…. on the Switch would be interesting seeing as it's a mobile device with a good interface; but I imagine it would need memory beyond just a base Switch.

    Hell, even if it was just the original, I'd play it too.

  6. Well so far the game looks good, most people fallowing this topic agree that the most they can prob put in it is up to chains of promidia but nether the less, a lot of mmorpg are going móvil, one big one is ion 2 and they promise they are going to be delivering a lot of stuff. In the end smart phones have reached that max power that pc is stuck on, they are adding octacores and for a while have been adding 6gig of ram or so, so it should be no surprise that with that kind of power devs are trying to push the boundaries on mobile gaming, hell has anyone tried any of the mobile mmorpg? They aren't bad at all and With the right team developing the game they can sure as hell deliver almost a full size ffxi. The note 9 can be connected to a monitor to act as a computer and I'm sure other phones will fallow, and with Android Roms, which are getting better and better, playing such games on a small screen won't be an excuse to play mobile games.

  7. I'm kind of torn between both wishes. I feel like it would be cool to play the game with a fresh new look in a way, as long as it was basically an improved version of the same game. On the other hand, it would indeed be really cool if the game allowed you to be on the same game-world with your existing characters, and imagine if the graphics were just all better, but it still fit with the same game on PC.

    But, if it is gonna be the same game but with a new and improved look, if it doesn't allow for playing on the same characters, I'd wish for it to at least include the best of the things that existed before on FFXI, such as HNM King hunting, and make it so we can still MPK gil-sellers and all that fun stuff.. heh.

    So funny, trains across all of Kuftal Tunnel just because they'd be trying to steal Amemet from someone. But then we'd get them back. Runs up to a group of gil sellers with a train of mobs following me and Mijin Gakure next to them, then RR after all of them are dead. Heh..

    But the best times seriously was all of the crazy stuff happening when we were camping Fafnir or KB and stuff. So much drama, but it was fun! ;0 I'm on Cerberus, and I remember one particular time when a guy who used to be in my old LS, LifeAfterDeath, Kelari, who had joined Whirling Wind, anyway.. back then bard could get hella hate from mobs (not sure if it still can, I've been away from the game for a while, just coming back).. Anyway, he had got hate from Behemoth, and Kelari was on Brd, had that sucker running after him all around with everyone running around like crazy (probably like 5 LS's there). Haha, I forgot if they claimed him and got the kill, but ya.. fun timez! 🙂

    Not sure if we really wanna have all that botting and stuff happening again, but it was too much fun back then either way, I wish my time playing the game didn't get cut short back in 2007 like it did for IRL reasons, but it was so fun to have like 5 or 6 LS camping Fafnir in Dragon's Aery, kind of funny, everyone talking crap to each other, but all in good fun. It got even more crazy when they made it so Kings went into rage mode after a certain amount of time if people were holding them for example. So much chaos, but too much fun. ;0 I did make it back on the game in 2012 for a month, and got a couple jobs to 99 and made some good progress during that time. Now I paid for FFXI again, and wanna have fun playing again! 🙂

    Heh, sorry, a lot of nostalgia, but definitely the game has been fun, and I hope FFXI mobile can bring back some of the old fun, but it may not end up being anything as cool as that. But we shall see. Hope for the best anyway!

  8. Would always prefer PC, but with that said, FFXI had long cooldowns on abilities for the most part, and was a slow methodical game, at least early on, and definitely slower in comparison to the other mmos on the market. I would totally play ffxi on mobile, it was one of my favorite mmos i've ever played.

  9. Great video! I wanted a mobile version of the full FFXI as well… even still, after not having played this game for years, it beckons me to return. I really wanted 10 and 12 to be mobile too. With the Vita, 10 was, but I never had a Vita… such a tragic end to a handheld with great potential. Anyway, thanks again for another great video. See you soon!

  10. Honestly I think the best thing they could do is start with just original content plus zilart at 75 cap. Make it as true to the original as they can but find a way to make sure every job is useful. Also make sure pretty much every job can solo for decent experience but always make sure that the best possible way to gain experience is with 6 players partying together. The worst thing they ever did to ffxi was when they started to penalize people for grouping by making soloing with trusts better than grouping. I predict that ffxi mobile is going to be very disappointing for old school ffxi players though, the game stopped being catered to us a long time ago.

  11. Sadly, I don't think FFXI Mobile is gonna be anything close to the original game. It will be torn down, simplified and pretty easy, similar to ffxiv. I hope I'm wrong though.

  12. If they do the smart thing and just release a remastered XI, it'll do great. That style of MMORPG will draw in people who want the more traditional experience of community building and communication instead of the solo player in a heavily instanced world. Meaningful player interaction and socialization is what XI brought at it's peak, it made you want to come back not just for the game experience, but the social. Randomly powerleveling people for hours was one of the most enjoyable things to me. I got to interact with a bunch of people and help them out through tough areas where getting a party was near impossible for certain classes, provide undead culling, the list goes on. Mobile will never provide the same experience, just gatcha money.

  13. knowing the company that is developing XI mobile, do NOT expect it to like XI, it will be a different game, don't expect too much, they are not developing it for the fans, they are in it for the profit, instead of sub fee, you would have to buy gems or beastman seals to progress through the game.

  14. I'd like to see FFXI Mobile being a very sync'd experience. Meaning, it has it's own content that still effects your character in the game. As an example you can run instanced content something like Salvage. The rewards would be REMA upgrade items across the whole spectrum. Something like that would be cool.

  15. Diablo mobile was an unexpected release to the community and people were disappointed however ffxi moblie has been mentioned to the community a few years ago and so the response should be positive and I'm definitely looking forward to it

  16. I miss ff11 it’s so much better then ff14 I wish they would release it again for console it would do amazing it was the best mmo ever and still is I miss those days so many years ago I hope mobile can bring some sort of that back 😭

  17. I've watched so many of your vids, that now i can only associate your voice to FFxi. It makes me both sad, and happy…Sad because ffxi was such a big part of my life and it's so far from what i remember(i played during summer cause of your vids, so i've just recently re-experienced), but also happy because it brings back all the amazing memories i had while playing Ffxi.

  18. I sent this to you in a tweet, but I'm not sure if you got it. Basically, I started playing FFXI yesterday and picked Odin as my server. Can I add you as a friend and do you have a linkshell I could join? I could use some help figuring out what to do in the game as I play.

  19. I would honestly love a remastered version of FFXI with the use of POL removed completely. The game it self has so much lore, and content there is literally years worth of game play. Not on mobile though. Maybe a single player version on mobile would be nice, but I'd love to be able to back to the pre-abbyssea days when parties where a thing, and people talked and leveled up together.

    No other game has come close to the time I have spent in Vana'Diel. I spent years playing the game, learning the zones, learning how to play certain classes, studying the wiki to get around stuff easier. Nearly every day I was online playing FFXI back when I was younger. I would absolutely go back and resub to FFXI if there was a pre-abbyssea server that was there.

    I learned about Pantheon a couple months ago, and it feels like it will be tough just like FFXI, but casual enough that some one with a full time job can enjoy it.

  20. I'm someone who did not play FFXI in it's glory days. Only in the past few years have I become an MMO fanatic with FFXIV. And while I've made irreplaceable friends because of that game, and love it dearly for that reason, I yearn for the things FFXI had that made it such a special adventure for those who played it. I've tried getting into it a couple times but had to come to terms with the fact that I'm just a bit too late to the party, and any attempt to commit to the game would just be me playing catch-up to the endgame players who've been around for years. So what I'm trying to say is that I desperately hope FFXI will successfully capture even some of the charm FFXI had so that I can experience the world in a similar way as all the people who speak so fondly of it

  21. Yes. A new game based on the FFXI world (2002 era) would be the best choice. This will allow veteran, returning, and new players alike to start fresh on an experience that will be fresh to everyone. If the recent hype over classic WoW is an indicator of where people’s attentions lie with old MMOs is that most don’t really care to start over if they can capture the magic we once felt all those years ago.

  22. I want to be able to port my character from FFXI to mobile without the level and gear but get some goodies for being a "legacy" player. Keep the new system so you won't have to wait an hour for a party at valkurm dunes during the 75 cap era.

  23. There is absolutely no way you can monetize FFXI without changing it fundamentally. Besides that FFXI is not for mainstream… It’s way too hard for today’s standards.

  24. I just want FF11 mobile to be the same game on the same servers. When i'm at work i want to be able to do simple tasks on my phone. Then when i get home i can then do the more complected things. NO NO NOT ANY LOOT BOXES and IN GAME STORE. I just want the pure FF11 Game on my phone.

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