FIFA World Cup™ 2018: Serbia v. Switzerland – Post-Match Press Conference


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FIFA World Cup™ 2018: Serbia – Switzerland: SRB v. SUI – Post-Match PC / KALININGRAD – Kaliningrad Stadium / 22 June 2018


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  1. so, in last 4 games, suisse beat northern ireland to quailyfy for the wc from penalty that wasn't, scored against brazil with clear offensive foul in the box before the goal, and now they don't call this wrestling a foul, and in both wc matches referees didn't want even to look at video, I know that infantino is suisse, I know that massimo bussaca (FIFA refereeing chief) is also suisse, but this is ridiculous, STOP ruining our beautiful game!!!

  2. as I'm listening to this press conference and reading these comments here and on the live chat, I'm getting more and more frustrated about this whole game. It's not so much about my team losing to a Swiss team(I wish that was the only case), but is about total hypocratysm on behalf of Swiss coach Petkovic. He clearly can not answer a simple question about nationalistic actions of his players. If Serbian players did what his Kosovars did, we would be immediately burned on a stake as a nationalysts,provokers and barberians, where his did it purely out of "emotions" . I'm glad that one of the reporters said that most neutral country in the world was involved in the most political match in the history and all he said was "we all try to stay out of politics"…bigest bullshitt I ever heard Mr. Petkovic. Shame on you!!! Also, telling that refeeree was neutral, another bullshitt !!! Serbia was robbed of penalty and this is another proof that FIFA is nothing but corrupt mafia. ..also, for the real Swiss reading this, I congratulate you for your win, but , don't be fooled..those two players did not score for your country, but for their own!!

  3. two headed eagle is symbol of serbian flag,and both players r born on kosovo which is serbia .everything is legit xD if serbia fall out from competition we will watching other serbian team .is that right croatia xD

  4. I'm not Serbian btw, but I do think Serbia was robbed today, so many bad decisions by the referee. They are allowing Switzerland to do whatever they want on the pitch and there are no consequences. First was Brazil and what they did and now it was Serbia. So, obviously FIFA is siding with Switzerland on this but will they do nothing to stop that? It's a shame for FIFA what happened on some of the matches, especially this one, the one between Switzerland and Brazil and the one between Argentina and Croatia. It seems like Switzerland is getting rewards for playing dirty. Not to mention involving politics in sports with the celebrations. FIFA should be embarrassed by all this but do they really care? They seem very corrupt as always.

  5. 2 European countries, and a judge is from a europe- german who look at swiss like the Serbian look at Republic of Srpska…….Fu FIFA, FU Gianni Infantino and ur german referee

  6. Well good game by both teams. But hell shaqiri seems so nervous in his behavior. Is he on drugs? Maybe he is still fully pumped after the match, compared to other players he acts like colibri tho.

  7. Jebem ja tu tvoju taktiku , kad damo gol povucemo se kao picke i celu utakmicu kao puzevi i naravno da ce protivnik dati gol i sabiti nas na kraju , covek ocekuje 86+ min da cemo se braniti od napada pa sta ocekujes druze , ovo nije normalno

  8. Kaze Krstajic malo vise posjed lopte imali svajcarci, a omjer tokom citave utakmice bio 70/30 za svajcarce. Sramota! Uveo si Kostica koji je bio na prosloj utakmici vise odbrambeni igrac Kosta Rike nego napadac Srbije. Vrsis izmjenu kasno, a da pa zasto si Kostica stavljao u prvih jedanest pa ga zamijenio sa onim kojeg si izostavijo radi istog???? Gdje ti je Prijovic????? Zasta ce ti vise mrtva taktika 4-2-3-1???? KUKAVICKI I SRAMOTNO!!!!!!

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