FIFA 19 Vs PES 19: Graphics Comparison


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FIFA 19 Vs PES 19: Graphics Comparison

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  1. I'm a fifa guy and I have to say pes graphics looks way better and the gameplay is more modern football when a team on pes is defending the entire team is defending unlike fifa it does not do that there are too many spaces in the midfield and wing when playing while pes closes those gaps. If you're a child and do not understand modern football you will play fifa because the game difficulty is easy on legendary. But pes on superstar you have to work for your goal. All I'm saying you won't enjoy a football game if it is too hard for you and can't find a way to break through defense easily pes but if it is easier and not too real you will enjoy fifa

  2. Look at those first two goals with Neymar, PES is in a diffferent league, looks so much more fluid. EA need to sort their animations out sharpish, i'd argue they need to re done from scratch.

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