Fifa 19 Career Mode – Youth Edition – Oldham Athletic – Season 3 EP 55


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Fifa 19 Career Mode. This years Youth Edition on Fifa 19 Career Mode will be with the Oldham Athletic. In Fifa 19 Oldham have been relegated to league 2 and we will endeavor to take them all the way to the champions league with only youth academy players and regens.

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  1. Bratianu Update
    #89 because of the year when Romania ended it’s communist lead
    Any Red Nike boots
    Tight shirt
    Long sleeves
    Yellow bracelet on any wrist
    Normal socks

  2. #playerupgrade
    No.90 (He loves to work as hard as he can for 90mins to take after his father Ion Brattianu who is a Romanian politician who holds the record for the longest speech in Romanian history.)
    Adidas GLITCH Prep Skin 2 boots
    Black Ankle Tape
    Tight kit-fit
    Blue gloves (to show his growing pssion for Oldham Athletic!)

  3. #playerupgrade
    Number 66 as it's the closest to 666
    Purple boots or black boots whichever is possible
    Purple gloves if possible if not then black
    Red wrist band on his left arm.
    Untucked tight/fitted shirt.
    Black ankle tape

    The guy comes from Transylvania and likes to play into the vampire theme and also the history of the region

  4. Love the series mate, really hoping you get automatic promotion. Loved the episode you did on those ginger beers 😂. Slowly getting more and more pissed was funny to watch. You really should have more subs, very funny and entertaining unlike MasterBucks who shits me to tears. You're genuine and funny, keep it up mate. Nick from Darwin.

  5. Bratianu upgrade
    tight kit
    short sleeves
    no gloves
    left wrist yellow tape (no boxing)
    right wrist red tape (no boxing)
    normal sock height

    black nike boots
    P.S I am from Romania

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