Fifa 17 vs PES 17 – Celebrations


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Goal celebations compared in PES 2017 vs Fifa 17! What do you like more the Pogba Dab in Fifa 17 or the Neymar shirtless celebration in PES 2017? If you like this comparison, leave a like!

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  1. both of them look like shit
    they started copying each other
    so a robot cloning another robot
    the player look weird and not human just unnatural moves and facial expressions
    am really sad that this is what we get after years and years of development.

  2. PES was being a tryhard on doing celebration when they forgot the realistic element and some other elements. Look at pogba's celebration. Before the cutscene, he had ran and crossed the penalty box line. But, in the cutscene, he was celebrating in it or was still from there running to the camera. At first, I would like to give thumbs up for Neymar's celebration. However, I quickly despise their effort. Notice how coward the devs when they avoid making the animation of him taking off the shirt and throw it to the fans. When he threw it, there was not even a shirt in the animation. I guess it is just a method on avoiding displaying how bad they are on displaying the physics of throwing the shirt like how bad they are on gameplay. Notice how funny their mouth is. There was not even a slight camera shake even though the fans are going crazy, unlike FiFa's celebration. The movement are too fast. One more thing, PES made the players so stupid that they even pose for the camera like very close, that so close that only a player and two half face can be displayed on the camera

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