Diablo Stacked Dado Set Unboxing Setup Demo and Review


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Diablo Stacked Dado Set Unboxing Setup Demo and Review

Today I Install Diablo dado blades DD208H into my Craftsman contractor table saw. I show you how to install, how to set-up, how to use, and I demonstrate the process of how to cut dados. I give a brief product review, too. Thanks for watching. -Scott.

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  1. If your washer doesn't fit, use one of the spacers for a washer. It is important to support the blade to prevent vibration/wobble and the chips you experienced.

  2. Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for the instruction. Recently got a Kobalt KT1015 10" table saw from Lowe's and the Diablo dado set. Tried to set it up last night and ran into the issue with no threads left after stacking for 3/4" dado. Did not know about being able to leave off the last washer. That should resolve my issue. Am making bee hives with the finger joints, and your video was especially helpful. Best regards. Don

  3. Have you tried instead of making the full cut, do a first cut just barely cutting into the melamine? This should produce a cleaner cut. Also, painters tape works wonders.

  4. I just bought the DeWalt dado set. Omg the box is so nice, easy to find and see everything and the chipper blades have 4 teeth for better balance. Check it out, nice review and setup.

  5. Nice dado set, just got myself the Freud set but they're not the diablo like yours are. I like how you have a rectangle insert spot. It must be so much easier to make throat plates

  6. i have this dado… it does really nice with ripping cut dado's…. but it suffers with tear out if you have to cross cut any dados, especially with pine. those shims are a pain in the butt to get on and off also. honestly for $100 i would rather go with the freud branded dado for the same price. great video though

  7. Scotty – Thanks so much for this. Never used a dado stack before, and I was planning on going to HD today to pick this one up. And now I know how to use it, thanks to you. Awesome. Love your humor, and thanks for making a nice, crisply edited video.

  8. Hey Scott, you just used the nut without the washer for the 1/2" dado stack. Are there enough threads left to use a 3/4" stack? Just curious because I have a comparable saw. Steve ( the other craftsman guy )

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