Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Reaction


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Blozzcon means Diablo fo…. er, Diablo Immortal being announced!

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  1. Im not even that big a diablo fan but lemme try to speak for the community. You guys basically want another game that feels like diablo 2 with fresh content and a fresh paint job. That about sum it up? PoE is my arpg of choice.

  2. You DSP'd this video James, I understand where you are coming from but you used little to no empathy to understand the other point of views of the other side of the argument you just gave them the whiny baby voice and dismissed them.

    I'm sure you viewers clued you in on the reskin scam of this game and the obvious stigma of phone games with very few actually being of quality and more of monetary drains. Other than that it boils down to blah blah legacy, blah blah main event, and at the end of the day it should have been a side note to tell customers "Here's some info and pictures of D4 and to tide you over till its finished here's a phone game" that would soften the blow and meet expectations to at least some degree. If they had absolutely nothing to show for D4, I'd have held off on the phone game till I had D4 info. Even Bethesda didn't announce their phone game till they had Fallout 4 info for people.

  3. Not surprising, mobile phones are a huge market and they'd be crazy not to tap into it like EA did with C&C and countless others. Throw out something basic, fill it with microtransactions and slap a well known name on it and let the green roll in. As for your comment how they need money for D4, are you kidding me, they're swimming in money already but its a greedy triple 🤮 company so they want all of the money in the world 🤑 As for this "controversy" don't worry next week nobody will remember just like with C&C

  4. no problem with game being on mobile, problem is being mobile exclusive. If they would have simply said we have a plan for diablo PC in future, would be fine. They said no plan and future will be on IOS and Android and guess what? A Chinese company is developing the game. This company in China is known as "pig farm" notorious for putting consumables in microtransactions. If you like to see how the game plays , look at "crusader of light". Same company that is going to make diablo imortal. Community is complaining for a good reason not because it is made of bunch whiny intitled Aholes my friend.

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