Diablo Immortal Is A Disaster


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Diablo fans have been waiting for a new game in the franchise for years and were excited to hear that BlizzardCon would hold new Diablo information about a potential upcoming title. However, people are now enraged as Blizzard announces that the new Diablo game will only be a mobile title and mocked them from stage.

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  1. Diablo immortal is going to be a smash hit for us mobile gamers..we have been begging blizzard to make mobile versions of diablo..and finally we are going to get our prayers answered..thank you were ready for the release..and for you antiquated pc gamers go sit down and eat some apple sauce..there are more mobile gamers than you PC gamers we are ready

  2. The reason why mobile games are bad is because that is the beginning for a game developer. It is the company that makes the game good, not the platform. Stop being babies about it. Look forward to the story of the game not how you view through it, a pc or a mobile phone. True blizzard fans don’t care about what the games are on. Only being a blizzard fan is not a person who is stuck to one way of playing there games.

  3. The funny thing is that they could've just ported Diablo 3 to phones in some way or form. If the Switch can do it, you're only a little ways away from a phone port. Reuse assets or something. Anything other then this

  4. First time played on xbox360 then I bought it for one. I’ll bye it again. I don’t mind spending money for enjoyment. The whole micro transaction thing will piss me off though but I’ll give it a chance.

  5. Crazy, I guess I was the only one that was excited by the news. I have been dying for a diablo style game on mobile (a decent one). Now I have to worry rather it will get its proper attention.

  6. Each game developer has a sweet spot in their lifespan when they're not too corpulent and bloated with dollar signs in their eyes trying to pinch every penny out of your wallet, trying to pass shit as gold… and just experienced enough after a blockbuster of a game or two and are freshly pushing forward… blizzard had that around 17 years ago

    No, fucking what? Know what else we all have? Fucking TOILETS. Lets make Diablo exclusive for Japanese electronic Toilets instead, why not? We all shit, right? Great idea! 100% market share. Fucking idiots.
    You know WHY people play mobile games on their smartphones? BECAUSE WE CANT PLAY FUCKIN PC GAMES ON THEM!!
    We dont fuckin CHOOSE to play on our smartphone INSTEAD of our computers or consoles, for fucks sake.
    We only play on our phones when we have NO access to our pc / console because there is literally no alternative.
    That doesnt mean its a good idea to develop your new game on mobile only, for a series that was a PC classic, for FUCKS sake.

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